You are a CFR student-member?

According to the CFR statutes, student researcher members (enrolled in the 2nd or 3rd university cycle) conduct research on a subject the subject of which is relevant to the scientific programming of the CFR and prepare their dissertations or theses under the supervision of a director or a co-director who is a regular researcher of the CFR.

  • The services offered by research professionals of CFR...

Did you know that the CFR employs a dozen research professionals whose main task is to help you in your research? You have a problem in statistics, with a geographic information system (GIS) or database? If you have soil samples to analyze an article or text (grant application, official e-mail ...) to review, in French or English? See the specialties of each of these professional la page des services du CEF and do not hesitate to contact them...

Professionals maintain a reference section Référence that informs you of the best resources available for your research.

They also provide training formations to make you better researchers.

CFR reimburses the translation costs during linguistic revisions of your scientific publications.

  • Your page on the CFR website...

The CFR website is built as a wiki . This is to allow you to build your own web page there.!

Make sure your name appears in the yellow box in the page of your director or co-director, regular member of the CFR and ask your supervisor, a research professional or your lab manager (voir encadré "Votre labo, c'est votre équipe!") to create and give you editing access to your page.

It's very simple and well documented! A link to the best member pages appears on the first page in the Member Profile. It could be you!

If your name does not appear on the page of your director or your co-director who is a regular member of the CFR, it means that you are not in our database. See the box "Information about you is valuable to us"...

  • Stay informed...

Doing scientific research also means participating in events, conferences, symposiums, meetings, exchanges...

  • Facebook  and Twitter  from CFR allows you to follow or comment on CFR news.
  • CFR private Facebook group  offers a space for discussion on all subjects (relating to forestry research or CFR) that interest you. It also facilitates the integration of new members into the CFR community. This is the place to ask questions, start discussions and why not debates on everything related to the forest.
  • CEF-TV  offers you conferences, events, capsules. This is the CFR's video showcase!
  • L'Agenda du CEF offers you a series of conferences and scientific activities related to the orientations of the CFR.
  • Quoi de neuf? informs you about the news of the CFR and elsewhere.
  • Le blogue du CEF offers you more in-depth articles, advice from CFR research professionals, conference reports, the opinions of our members and popular articles,
  • Dans les médias attempts to list everything that is said about the forest in the Quebec media.
  • L'Infolettre du CEF concentrates all this information in an email sent every Friday evening. Abonnez-vous!

To announce an event, publish a news or an article, write to Mélanie Desrochers.

  • Financial Aid Program of the CEF for dissemination of research and internships...

Because you have to eat well and have a beer from time to time, the CFR offers you jobs and scholarships opportunities in this website:

Ces renseignements sont la gracieuseté de certains professionnels de recherche du CEF qui travaillent d'arrache-pied pour vous rendre toujours de meilleurs services.

  • Register now! Information about you is important to us ...

The CFR maintains a database of all its members. If you are a member and your name does not appear in the yellow box to the page from your supervisor or your co-supervisor, regular member of the CFR, or the members page students, it is because you are not in our database. Gather the following information:

  • your name and surname,
  • your nationality, if you are Canadian, do you identify yourself as Indigenous ?
  • your email address,
  • your university, faculty and department affiliation,
  • your new CFR status (master's, PhD candicate, postdoc, internship, technician, professional or other),
  • the names of your supervisor and your co-supervisor (include contact details of those who are not members of the CFR), committee
  • the title of your research project,
  • the start date of your project (you'd be kind as to let us know when you finish),
  • the type of scholarship received (if applicable)
  • are you a student member a another FRQNT research centre (such as QSBC, CEN, etc.)

and send them to Luc Lauzon.

  • Your lab is your team!

We have appointed a manager per lab in order to sometimes settle certain details between the students and the coordination of the CFR. They will help you create your web page and will be our main source of information about your lab. Here is the list of these managers:

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