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12th Annual Conference of the CFR

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The Centre for Forest Research (CFR) is pleased to invite you to its 12th annual conference, which will be held from April, 30st to May 2th 2018 at University Laval. The conference is open to all partners of the CFR as well as the entire scientific community.

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General Program

Monday April 30th Tuesday May 1st Wednesday May 2nd
AM Welcoming Adress
Plenary Session (invited speaker)
Presentations (in parallel sessions)
Presentations (in parallel sessions) Workshops
PM Presentations (in parallel sessions) Poster session
Presentations (in parallel sessions)
Round table on the future of research in forestry
Awards for best student presentations and prizes
Closing Remarks
Evening Social Event - Pool tournament Free

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Invited Speaker

Marie-Josée Fortin

The CRF is honoured to greet a great specialist of ecology as its invited speaker: Marie-Josée Fortin, associate member at CEF/CFR, professor at University of Toronto and Canada Research Chair in Spatial Ecology.

Ecologist by training, she has four main research areas: spatial ecology, forest ecology, landscape ecology and spatial statistics. She studies the effects of global changes (landuse and climate) on species spatial dynamics at the landscape and the geographical scales both in multiuse forested ecosystems and aquatic networks. She provides ecologists with novel network analytical methods that can be used to propose management strategies that facilitate species dispersal in fragmented landscapes, maintain the resilience of ecosystem services, or prevent disease spread. The objective is always to maintain biodiversity and species conservation.

Her conference intitled Écologie spatiale de l'échelle locale à régionale will be given in French.

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Round Table

Véronique Morin

« À quoi ressemblera la recherche forestière en 2049? Tendances, perspectives et innovations. »

How will forest genetics change the way we do forestry? Will transdisciplinarity improve the way research is done in the future? How will emerging trends in sustainable development, Aboriginal governance and economics evolve and influence forest research? How will lidar and other technological innovations upset our forestry and research practices?

These are the questions (and many more) that will be answered by a panel of guests who are well versed in the trends, perspectives and technological innovations that will affect forest science research by 2049. Come exchange with us!

The round table will be animated by Véronique Morin , scientific communicator and communication officer for Sentinelle Nord .

Our panellists

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Nathalie Isabel 
Research Scientist, Forest and Environmental Genomics at Canadian Forest Service
Denis Cormier 
Research Leader at FPInnovation
Forest Technology Specialist
Maryse Lassonde 
Scientific director
Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT)
Hugo Asselin
Professeur and director of École d'études autochtones at UQAT
Holder of the Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Forestry

The round table will happen tuesday afternoon.

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Oral Presentations Program

The detailed workshop program of oral presentations will be available around mid-February.

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Workshop Program

The workshop detailed is available in this page. You have to register for the three days of the conference to participate to the workshops. You can choose your workshops while registering online .

Intro R Mapping Sound/image analysis with R Remote sensing Communication Database R Inkscape & NetLogo SpaDES
Morning 8h00‑12h00 Introduction au langage et environnement R
(1re partie)
Introduction à la cartographie avec QGIS
(1re partie)
Introduction à bioacoustics, un package R dédié à la détection et l’extraction automatisée de signaux acoustiques Introduction à la télédétection avec le capteur MODIS Scientific writing - How to better read and write journal articles Introduction aux bases de données avec Access Introduction à GitHub et à la création de packages avec RStudio Introduction au dessins vectoriels pour la publication scientifique - Inkscape 101 SpaDES, not “just another model” Part 1: Introducing a modular simulation platform for non-programmers
Lunch (provided)
Afternoon 13h00‑17h00 Introduction au langage et environnement R
(2e partie)
Introduction à la cartographie avec QGIS
(2e partie)
Introduction aux techniques de mesure d'anatomie du xylème et élaboration des données en R Manipulation de données de lidar aéroporté avec R dans un contexte forestier La communication scientifique... pour être vu et compris! Utilisation d’un téléphone Android pour la saisie de données géoréférencées sur le terrain GAM 101 Bottom-up simulation of forest disturbances using NetLogo SpaDES, not “just another model” Part 2: Getting started with SpaDES in R

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Poster Session

The detailed list of poster will be available around mid-February.

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Costs & Registration

Conference Only Conference and Workshops
CFR Members 50 $ 70 $
Others 100 $ 200 $

Fees include coffe breaks and lunches for the two or three days of the conference.

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Door prizes

Prizes will be drawn from among the participants who are present at the conference. To be eligible, you must put your name badge in the draw box before the conference concludes. The draw will take place following the announcement of the winners for the best poster and best oral presentation on the second day of the conference at around 5:00 PM.

************************************************************************ *************** Activités sociales Français **************************** ************************************************************************

Social Happening - Pool Tournament

Participate to the pool tournament of the 12th CEF Annual Conference which will take place monday evening at the Tapis Vert Ste-Foy  starting at 7 PM!

Only the first 32 registered teams will have the opportunity to participate in the tournament. The registration fee is 5$ per person. Both members of the team must first be registered at the conference to register. Register your team of two, in person or by email, to the people below. You will have to pay 10$ for your team.

A prize of 100$ will be awarded to the winning team and a consolation prize to the finalists of the tournament.

All other conference attendees will be able to attend the tournament, play billiards at other tables, play ping-pong or darts or just enjoy the beer and warm atmosphere of the Tapis Vert. We recommend eating before coming to the Tapis Vert since the options on site are a bit limited. There are many more choices at La Pyramide , on the way down to the Tapis-Vert. See also other food options below on this page.

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Transport services (organized carpooling) will be coordinated for each CFR pole. Contact the professional for your pole:

************************************************************************ *********** Hébergement & Stationnement Français *********************** ************************************************************************

Lodging & Parking

Hébergement hôtelier du Service des résidences de l’Université Laval 
The housing alternative offering the best value for your money in Quebec City! Very economical and definitely the closest option to the Desjardins Pavilion, the Résidences de l'Université Laval accommodation service is an excellent solution for your stay.

  • Standard University Room (shared bathroom)
    These rooms have two single beds and feature all the amenities usually available in hotels or bed linen and towels, shampoo and soap, parking included, free wireless internet access and free local calls.
    Rates: $47.75 + taxes in single occupancy and $67.50 + taxes in double occupancy (breakfast included)
  • Superior University Room (private bathroom)
    These rooms are equipped with a bathroom, a Queens bed, a TV, a microwave oven, refrigerator and telephone. They usually have all the amenities offered by hotels or bed linen and towels, shampoo and soap, parking included, free wireless internet access and free local calls.
    Rates : $89 + taxes in single occupancy or double occupancy (breakfast included)

To reserve, use the following form  and select the proper event in the scrolling list at the end: 12e Colloque du CEF- Event #280913

For information, contact us directly at 418-656-5632 or by email at hebergement@sres.ulaval.ca and mention the name of the event.

Hôtel Universel 
Located a 10 minute walk from the Desjardins Pavilions and recently renovated, the Universel Hotel is a great option at a reasonable price ($ 149 +). Its exotic interior garden with heated pool and Nordic spa will charm you.

  • 2300 Sainte-Foy Road, Quebec, G1V 1S5
  • Phone: 1-800-463-4495
  • info@hoteluniversel.qc.ca

Hôtel Classique 
Located on the 800-801 route, located close to the largest shopping centers, restaurants and bars of Boulevard Laurier in Sainte-Foy, the Hôtel Classique is a budget hotel. 5 minutes by bus or 25 minutes walk from the Pavilion Desjardins.

  • Regular room with 1 or 2 queen beds: 105$ per night
  • 2815, Boulevard Laurier, Québec, G1V 4H3
  • Toll free phone: 1 800 463-1885
  • info@hotelclassique.com

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Site Plan

************************************************************************ *********************** Restaurants Français *************************** ************************************************************************


Here's a list of restaurants to hit near Université Laval:

  1. Le Pub Universitaire  | Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins, Université Laval
  2. Chez Victor  | 2360, Ch Ste-Foy (Pyramide)
  3. SHAKER Cuisine & Mixologie  | 2360, Ch Ste-Foy (Pyramide)
  4. Pho Tonkinoise  | 2383 Ch Ste-Foy
  5. Momento Restaurant  | 2480 Ch Sainte-Foy
  6. Café au Temps Perdu  | 867 Avenue Myrand
  7. Cactus Restaurant Bar  | 814 Avenue Myrand
  8. Cochon Dingue  | 2540 Boulevard Laurier(Place Ste-Foy)

Café / Pub

  1. Café Fou AELIÉS  | Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins, Université Laval

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Wireless network access

Wifi access (via Eduroam) - Normally, all CFR students who are already connected to the Eduroam wireless network at their own university should be able to connect to the University Laval network without additional configuration. If this is not the case, we recommend that you configure your laptop BEFORE coming to the conference. The configuration instructions are almost identical from one university to another, but here are the instructions provided by each university: UQAM , Université Laval , Université de Sherbrooke , Université de Montréal , McGill , Concordia , UQAC , UQAT , UQAR , UQO , UQTR , TELUQ .

There is also a guess network named "Wi-Fi_UL" at University Laval which does not require a password.

************************************************************************ ****************** Appel Conference Affiche Francais ******************* ************************************************************************

Call for Posters and Presentations

Specific instructions for poster - Posters should be set in PORTRAIT format with maximum dimensions of 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall (60 cm x 90 cm). Read the following article  in Nature to improve the quality of your poster.

Specific instructions for oral presentations - Oral presentations should be 15 minutes in length, followed by 5 minutes of questions. Slides should be in PDF or Microsoft PowerPoint format. Office 2010 will be installed on the computers. You can use previous versions of Office if you do not have version 2010. If you have video or other animation, make sure that the presentation is compatible with Windows PC. Also, because we cannot guarantee access to the Internet, it is important that you save a copy of your presentation on a USB key. Therefore online presentations system should not be used (Prezi and others).

Finally, to ensure that the sessions run smoothly, NO internet connections will be permitted during the presentation. Mac users should ensure that they have a version of Office that is compatible with Windows PC.

Write to Natacha Fontaine if you have questions about posters and presentations.


Prizes for the best oral presentation and the best poster are usually awarded. We will soon confirm the content of these prizes.