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  • BÉLISLE, Marc (Ph. D., 2000)
    Influence of landscape composition and configuration on forest bird movements
  • BOURQUE, Julie (Ph. D., 2005)
    Behavioral determinants of species distribution in fragmented forests
  • CALMÉ, Sophie (Ph. D., 1998)
    Distribution patterns of peatland birds of Southern Québec
  • COURTEAU, Marianne (M. Sc., 2001)
    Evaluating heterogeneity of clearcuts using geomatic tools
  • DELAGE, Valérie (M. Sc., 1998)
    Role of remnant habitat patches for songbird conservation in exploited peatlands
  • DROLET, Bruno (M. Sc., 1997)
    Variation in songbird assemblages in relation with landscape structure in a boreal forest exploited for timber
  • GIRARD, Caroline (Ph. D., 2004)
    How do forest songbirds perceive mixed forests? A multi-scale analysis
  • HADDAD, Stéphanie (M. Sc., 1997)
    Microhabitat selection and nest predation in Québec's exploited peatlands
  • HADLEY, Adam (M. Sc., 2006)
    Winter habitat use by Boreal Chickadee flocks within a managed forest landscape
  • HOKKANEN, Reijo (M. Sc., 2004)
    Bird habitats and conspecific relations at Siikaneva mire, Finland
  • HUILLET, Laëtitia (M. Sc. 2006)
    25 years of urban sprawl in Québec city: spatio-temporal effets on wintering birds' distribution and trends
  • IBARZABAL, Jacques (Ph. D., 2002)
    Nest predation risk in a boreal forest managed for timber: prey and predator perspectives
  • IMBEAU, Louis (Ph. D., 2001)
    Short-term effects of clearcuts on boreal forest birds and a 'flagship' species: the Three-toed Woodpecker
  • LACHANCE, Daniel (Ph. D., 2005)
    Ecological diversity of an ecosystem in agricultural landscapes: the case of bogs in the lower St-Lawrence (Québec)
  • MAZEROLLE, Marc (Ph. D., 2004)
    Movements and reproduction of amphibians in exploited peatlands
  • POULIN, Monique (Ph. D., 2002)
    Peatland conservation: nature reserve selection and exploited peatland management
  • RENAUD, Christine (M. Sc., 2005)
    Influence of spatial scale on bird-habitat relationships
  • SAVIGNAC, Carl (M. Sc., 1996)
    Habitat selection by Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus) at different spatial scapes in the Mauricie region, Quebec
  • ST-LOUIS, Véronique (M. Sc., 2000)
    Spatial heterogeneity of forest microhabitats: does it affect territory delineation in Black-throated blue Warblers (Dendroica caerulescens) and Ovenbirds (Seiurus aurocapillus) ?
  • TARDIF, Jacinthe (M. Sc., 2004)
    Habitat occupancy by Wilson's Warblers (Wilsonia pusilla) in a boreal fir forest
  • TURCOTTE, Yves (Ph. D., 2005)
    Landscape structure and Behavioral Ecology of wintering forest birds

Home | My Academic Background | Research Themes | Findings
Former grads | Publications

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