Emad AM. Farahat

Postdoctoral Fellow
Forest Ecology

Director: Martin J. Lechowicz

Permanent address:
Helwan University
Botany & Microbiology Department

(2) 012- 4783968 , (2) 02-5590000 ex. 1795

Present address:
McGill University, Department of Botany
Stewart Biology Building, 1205 Dr. Penfield
Montreal, QC, Canada, H3A1B1
Emails: Emad23_1999@yahoo.com or Emad.shaaban@mail.mcgill.ca


  • Postdoctoral fellow in McGill University, Biology department, Evolution and Conservation Ecology Unit, 10/April/2007 – 09/January1/2008.
  • Lecturer of Plant Ecology, Faculty of Science, Botany & Microbiology Dept., Helwan University from 04/2006- 04/2007.
  • Ph.D. in Community Ecology, 09/2001-02/2006. Botany & Microbiology Dept, Faculty of Science, Helwan University.
  • MSC Fellowship in Plant Ecophysiology. Botany & Microbiology Dept, Faculty of Science, Helwan University: 01/1997 –01/2001.
  • B.Sc. in Botany department, 1991-1995 (Faculty of Science - Cairo University).

Present Research Activities

I am working now with Prof. Martin Lechowicz in McGill University in three topics in forest ecology include:

  1. Tree death and recovery ten years after the 1998 ice storm
  2. Impact of quarry dust on Hemlock growth
  3. Comparative eco-physiology of beech saplings.

I am looking for further co-operation with any Canadian Ecologist or Ecophysiologist to continue my research in forest ecology.

Research Interests and Experience

  • Artificial forests
  • Population and community ecology of terrestrial and wetland vegetation
  • Plant competition and allelopathy
  • Experienced in plant quantitative anatomy and eco-physiological analysis of plant, soil, water and air samples (MSC experience)
  • Experienced in population biology and vegetation analysis using Multivariate methods (Ph.D. experience)


I am acquiring good experience, through my Postdoctoral fellowship in McGill University, with photosynthetic Infrared Gas Analyzer (IRGA) and Eye-Fish photography and its related software. Moreover, I have a lot of experience with the most common lab. and field instruments.

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