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Membres: GhislainRompre

Ghislain Rompré

Ancien Doctorat
Répartition des oiseaux dans le secteur forestier du canal de Panama: analyse et perspectives.
Université Laval

Directeur: André Desrochers

Projet de doctorat

Version française à venir...


Rompré, G., W. D. Robinson, A. Desrochers, and G. Angehr. in press. Environmental correlates of avian diversity in lowland Panama rainforests. Journal of Biogeography.

Robinson, W.D., G. Rompré, & T.R. Robinson, 2005. Videography of Panama bird nests shows snakes are principal predators. Ornitologia Neotropical 16: 187-195.

Rompré, G. 2003. Successful nesting of the sharp-shinned hawk (Accipiter striatus) in a longleaf pine stand in southern Alabama. Alabama Birdlife 49:10-13

Rompré, G., & R. McNeil, 1994. Seasonal changes in day and night foraging of willets in northeastern Venezuela. Condor 96:734-738.

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