Julien Ponchart

PhD candidate
Biodiversity of balsam fir (Abies balsamea)'s endomycobiome
Université Laval
Laurentian Forestry Centre - Canadian Forest Service

Director: Louis Bernier
Codirector: Jean A. Bérubé 

Twitter: @julponchart 


  • Ph.D. in Forest Sciences , 2010 - current (Université Laval, Quebec-city - Canada)
  • Master in Plant Biology, 2007-2009 (Université de Picardie, Amiens - France)
  • Licence (B.A. Sc) in Biology, 2004-2007 (Université de Picardie, Amiens - France)
Project summary

My project focus on the biodiversity and the patterns of distribution of the endophyte fungi within balsam fir trees (Abies balsamea) in boreal forest (Forêt Montmorency ). I use a metabarcoding approach on ITS fragment (=Internal Transcribed Spacer, a nuclear rDNA fragment which was recently defined as the official fungal barcode, but used since the 1990s) with parallel/second-generation sequencing (454 Roche pyrosequencing) and occasionally Petri cultures. I am more looking at local variations within trees than a geographical scale.

Research interests
Research & Related Experiences

Research Affiliate at Natural Resources Canada (September 2010 - September 2015)

Worked on the transition from cloning technics to parallel/second-generation sequencing (454 Roche pyrosequencing) to access endophytic fungal biodiversity on boreal forest trees (metabarcoding on ITS fragment from environmental samples); defining laboratory protocols and bioinformatical treatment of the data. The concern was to elaborate a reference native endophytic fungal database to identify exotic fungi in imported plant material in Canada and evaluate their potential as pathogenic agent.

Presentations & Conferences

Oral presentations

  1. Ponchart J.P. , Bérubé J.A., Bernier L.
    Biodiversité de l'endomycobiome du sapin baumier (Biodiversity of Balsam fir's Endomycobiome)
    Annual Meeting of the Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants (QSPP)
    Beaupré, Canada. June 17th – 18th, 2015.
  2. Ponchart J.P. , Piché Y, Bérubé J.A.
    454 pyrosequencing of a single Abies balsamea host tree reveals endophytic fungi are highly tissue specific.
    79th Annual Meeting of the Mycological Society of America (MSA)
    Fairbanks, USA. August 2nd – 5th, 2011.

Poster presentations

  1. Ponchart J.P. , Bérubé J.A., Bernier L.
    Defining the baseline of the diversity of the balsam fir endomycobiome
    The Ecology and Evolution of Emerging Plant Pests and Pathogens - British Ecological Society Symposium (BES)
    Penryn, Great Britain. July 13th – 14th 2015.
  2. Ponchart J.P. , Bérubé J.A., Bernier L.
    The fungal tinsels within the Christmas tree.
    9th Annual Conference of the CEF
    Rimouski, Canada. April 30th - May 1st 2015.
  3. Ponchart J.P. , Piché Y, Bérubé J.A.
    The mycelium forest hidden within the tree.
    81st Annual Meeting of the French-Canadian Association for the Advancement of Science (ACFAS)
    Quebec-city, Canada. May 6th – 10th 2013.
  4. Ponchart J.P. , Piché Y, Bérubé J.A.
    Picea mariana fungal endophyte biodiversity obtained by Petri plating, cloning and pyrosequencing.
    International Mycological Congress (IMC9)
    Edinburgh, Scotland. August 1st – 6th, 2010

Cloutier V. , Piché Y., Fortin J.A., Bérubé J.A., Ponchart J.P., Desrochers A.
Micromammal consumption of hypogeous fungi in Eastern Canadian boreal forest.
8th International Conference on Mycorrhiza
Flagstaff, USA. August 3rd – 7th 2015

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