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  1. Faure-Lacroix, J., Desrochers, A., Imbeau, L., Simard, A. (2020) Long-term changes in bat activity in Quebec suggest climatic responses and summer niche partitioning associated with white-nose syndrome. Ecology and Evolution, 10(12):5226-5239. (URL  | Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  2. Malik, R., Rossi, S., Sukumar, R. (2020) Cambial phenology in Abies pindrow (Pinaceae) along an altitudinal gradient in northwestern Himalaya. IAWA Journal, 41(2):186-201. (Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  3. Marchais, M., Arseneault, D., Bergeron, Y. (2020) Composition Changes in the Boreal Mixedwood Forest of Western Quebec Since Euro-Canadian Settlement. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 8:126. (URL  | Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  4. Oogathoo, S., Houle, D., Duchesne, L., Kneeshaw, D.D. (2020) Vapour pressure deficit and solar radiation are the major drivers of transpiration of balsam fir and black spruce tree species in humid boreal regions, even during a short-term drought. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 291:108063. (URL  | Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  5. Stralberg, D., Arseneault, D., Baltzer, J.L., Barber, Q.E., Bayne, E.M., Boulanger, Y., Brown, C.D., Cooke, H.A., Devito, K., Edwards, J. et al. (2020) Climate-change refugia in boreal North America: what, where, and for how long? Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 18(5, SI):261-270. (Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  6. Johnston, L.M., Wang, X., Erni, S., Taylor, S.W., McFayden, C.B., Oliver, J.A., Stockdale, C., Christianson, A., Boulanger, Y., Gauthier, S. et al. (2020) Wildland fire risk research in Canada. Environmental Reviews, 28(2):164-186. (Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  7. Berthiaume, R., Hebert, C., Dupont, A., Charest, M., Bauce, E. (2020) The spruce budworm, a potential threat for Norway spruce in eastern Canada? Forestry Chronicle, 96(1):71-76. (Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  8. Dufour-Pelletier, S., Tremblay, J.A., Hebert, C., Lachat, T., Ibarzabal, J. (2020) Testing the Effect of Snag and Cavity Supply on Deadwood-Associated Species in a Managed Boreal Forest. Forests, 11(4). (Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  9. Bell-Doyon, P. and, Villarreal J.C. (2020) New Notes on the Ecology of the Epiphytic Gymnosperm and Panamanian Endemic Zamia pseudoparasitica. Neotropical Naturalist, 2:1-7. (URL  | Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  10. Dawes, T.N., Villarreal, J.C., Szövényi, P., Bisang, I., Li, F.-W., Hauser, D.A., Quandt, D., Cargill, D.C., Forrest, L. L. (2020) Extremely low genetic diversity in the European clade of the model bryophyte Anthoceros agrestis. Plant Systematics and Evolution, 306(49). (URL  | Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  11. Lavoie, C., Renaudin, M., McMullin, R.T., Gagnon, J., Roy, C., Beaulieu, M.-E., Bellenger, J.P., Villarreal, J.C. (2020) Extremely low genetic diversity of Stigonema associated with Stereocaulon in eastern Canada. The Bryologist, 123(2):188 - 203. (URL  | Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  12. Pace, M., Pare, D., Fenton, N.J., Bergeron, Y. (2020) Effects of lichen, Sphagnum spp. and feather moss leachates on jack pine and black spruce seedling growth. Plant and Soil. (URL  | Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  13. Maleki, K., Lafleur, B., Harvey, B.D., Mazerolle, M.J., Fenton, N.J. (2020) Changes in Deadwood and Understory Vegetation 12 Years after Partial and Clearcut Harvesting in Mixedwood Stands of Western Quebec, Canada. for sci, 66(3):337-350. (URL  | Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
  14. Balducci, L., Fierravanti, A., Rossi, S., Delzon, S., De Grandpre, L., Kneeshaw, D.D., Deslauriers, A. (2020) The paradox of defoliation: Declining tree water status with increasing soil water content. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 290:108025. (URL  | Abstract | EndNote | BibTeX-CSV | BibTeX | Scholar )
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