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Roberto Silvestro

PhD Candidate
Patterns and scales of climate change: linking plant physiology to forest ecosystem dynamics

Variabilité spatio-temporelle du changement climatique: connecter la physiologie végétale à la dynamique des écosystèmes forestiers

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Directeur: Sergio Rossi
Codirecteur: Maurizio Mencuccini


Work Experience

   The effect of wildfires on ecosystem services in Mediterranean forests
   Phenological adaptive traits in ecotypes of Picea mariana


Guo, X., Klisz, M., Puchałka, R., Silvestro, R., Faubert, P., Belien, E., Huang, J. G., & Rossi, S. Common‐garden experiment reveals clinal trends of bud phenology in black spruce populations from a latitudinal gradient in the boreal forest. Journal of Ecology. https:// 

Silvestro, R., Brasseur, S., Klisz, M., Mencuccini, M. & Rossi, S. (2020). Bioclimatic distance and performance of apical shoot extension: disentangling the role of growth rate and duration in ecotypic differentiation. Forest Ecology and Management, 477. 

Silvestro, R., Izzo, L. G., Buonanno, M. & Aronne, G. (2020). Serotiny in Primula palinuri: how to face the dry season on Mediterranean cliffs. Diversity, 12, 291. 

Usmani, A., Silvestro, R., Zhang, S., Huang, J. G., Saracino, A., & Rossi, S. (2020). Ecotypic differentiation of black spruce populations: temperature triggers bud burst but not bud set. Trees, 1-9 

Guo, X., Khare, S., Silvestro, R., Huang, J., Sylvain, J. D., Delagrange, S., & Rossi, S. (2020). Minimum spring temperatures at the provenance origin drive leaf phenology in sugar maple populations. Tree Physiology. 

Silvestro, R.,Rossi, S., Zhang, S., Froment, I., Huang, J. G., & Saracino, A. (2019). From phenology to forest management: Ecotypes selection can avoid early or late frosts, but not both. Forest Ecology and Management, 436, 21–26. 

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