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Victor Danneyrolles

Reconstitution historique des forêts précoloniales du sud du Québec (MFFP - UQAR - UQAT)

Direction: Dominique Arseneault et Yan Boucher

Projet en cours


Danneyrolles, V., Bergeron, Y., Arseneault, D. (2018) Anthropogenic disturbances strengthened tree community-environment relationships at the temperate-boreal interface of eastern Canada. Landscape ecology. 33, 213-224

Danneyrolles, V., Dupuis, S., Arseneault, D., Terrail, R., Leroyer, M., de Römer, A., Fortin, G., Boucher, Y. and, Ruel, J-C. (2017) Eastern white cedar long-term dynamics in eastern Canada: implications for restoration in a context of ecosystem-based management. Forest ecology and management. 400, 502-510

Danneyrolles, V., Arseneault, D., Bergeron, Y. (2016), Pre-industrial landscape composition patterns and post-industrial changes at the temperate-boreal forest interface in western Quebec, Canada. Journal of Vegetation Science. 27, 470–481.

Danneyrolles, V., Arseneault, D., Bergeron, Y. (2016), Long-term compositional changes following partial disturbance revealed by the re-survey of logging concession limits in the northern temperate forest of eastern Canada. Canadian journal of forest research. 46, 943–949.

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